Sophos XGS 2100 with 3 year Xstream Protection Bundle

Sophos XGS 2100 with 3 year Xstream Protection Bundle

$13,887.00 HST

Sophos XGS 2100 with the 3yr Term Xstream Firewall Security


We offer the Sophos XGS 2100 with 3 year Xstream Protection Bundle for $13,887+HST. One of the best mid-range firewalls on the market!


Details on the Xstream Protection Bundle: 

Base License
Networking, wireless, Xstream Architecture, unlimited remote access VPN, site-to-site VPN, reporting
Network Protection
Xstream TLS and DPI engine, IPS, ATP, Security Heartbeat, manage SD-RED, reporting
Web Protection
Xstream TLS and DPI engine, web security and control, application control, reporting
Zero-Day Protection
Machine learning and sandboxing file analysis, reporting
Central Orchestration
SD-WAN VPN orchestration, Central Firewall Advanced Reporting (30-days), MDR/XDR connector
Enhanced Support 24/7 support, feature updates, advanced replacement hardware warranty for term.


Product Highlights

Dual-processor architecture supports all key protection features without compromising performance.
A wide selection of copper and fiber ports plus various management interfaces are built-in on every model.
Fixed LAN bypass ports are on every model to support various deployment scenarios.
Modular Flexi Port expansion bay(s) on every model allows you to adapt connectivity.
Second power supply is an option for all models.
Optional Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) Flexi Port modules are centrally powered and benefit from power redundancy when using the second power option.
Rackmount kit is included.


Flexi Port Modules
For all XGS 1U models

Our 1U models come with one or more expansion bays to flexibly add to the diverse range of built-in interfaces on every box. Changes in your environment, your workforce, or your edge infrastructure may require additional fiber ports or a change in your connectivity. With Flexi Port modules, you have a cost-effective way to adapt your appliance, rather than having to purchase new hardware mid-term.

Sophos offers a range of transceivers to use in the SFP and SFP+ interfaces on your appliance or Flexi port module.

External Redundant Power Supply
For XGS 2xxx, 3xxx, 4300

All of our 1U models offer an optional second power supply for redundancy. The external power supply can be connected to the rear of the appliance.

When using this power supply with either the XGS 2100 or 2300, we suggest that you purchase rackmount rails (rather than using the rackmount ears supplied) for a more stable deployment in your data center

30,000 Mbps

1,100 Mbps

16,500 Mbps

6,000 Mbps

17,000 Mbps

5,200 Mbps

1,250 Mbps

6 µs

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