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Electronics Recycling and IT Equipment Waste Disposal Services

At Computation Ltd. we take great pride in the waste diversion ratio we achieve in electronics recycling and e-waste management according to our custom-designed Environmental Management System (EMS). We have been able to reduce the waste emitted from our facility to a level approximating that of a single-family home. This allows us to boast of a recycling rate approaching 100%. Contact Computation to schedule an electronics recycling pick-up today!

Laptop, Computer Hardware and Electronic Waste Recycling

Electronics recycling, also known as e-waste recycling, is the process of recovering valuable materials from discarded electronic devices and safely disposing of the remaining waste. Electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, and televisions contain many valuable materials such as gold, copper, and aluminum, which can be recovered and recycled.

Recycling electronic waste not only conserves natural resources, but also helps to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. This can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent pollution. In addition, electronics recycling can create jobs and provide a source of raw materials for new products, supporting local economies and sustainable development.

However, electronic devices also contain hazardous substances such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, which can leach into the soil and water if not properly managed. By recycling e-waste, we can prevent these hazardous substances from entering the environment and protect human health.

To recycle electronic waste, it is important to work with a reputable and certified e-waste recycler. A certified recycler will follow proper procedures to ensure that the valuable materials are recovered and the hazardous substances are safely disposed of.

Overall, electronics recycling is an important step towards creating a sustainable future. By recycling e-waste, we can conserve natural resources, reduce waste, and protect human health.



By engaging Computation Ltd. as your electronics recycling and e-waste manager, you can be certain that the computer and electronic equipment you are disposing of will be entirely diverted from landfills.

We process your device in the following manner:

  • Equipment is picked up from your location by our staff at a time of your choosing or may be dropped off at our facility by the delivery method of your choice
  • All data present on hard-disks, and removable media will be destroyed
  • Equipment will have all property and asset tags removed.
  • Recycling and refurbishing processes will take place locally, first in our Toronto facility, and then in neighbouring provinces.
  • On a best effort basis, we will maximize the proportion of equipment reused.
  • Equipment not suitable for reuse is dismantled and recycled for its raw material content in an environmentally sound manner.
  • Equipment is tracked by our system and a certificate or customized asset management report will be issued upon project completion.

This method operationalizes our commitment to clients, privacy, and the environment. The end result of this system provides us and our clients, not only with the peace of mind and the comfort that comes with taking a leading role in advancing corporate social and environmental responsibility but also in complying and exceeding in very specific and measurable ways with the legislation and internal corporate policies relevant to computers and electronic equipment (ISO, WEEE, EHS, PIPEDA, Sarbaines -Oxley etc. — See our reporting section for more information on this).


Recycling your old electronics is the best way to free up needed office or storage space while reducing environmental damage. At Computation Ltd., we provide a safe and effective solution to recycle and reuse all types of electronic devices.

Our e-waste recycling and IT equipment waste disposal services will help you get rid of your out of use electronics in a hassle-free manner. We exceed industry standards to provide you with efficient and convenient services. Our e-waste recycling and waste disposal methods are compliant with all relevant regulations.

We aim to maximize diversion from landfill by applying our 3Rs E-waste diversion model: reducing, reusing, and recycling as much e-waste as possible, by repairing equipment the owner can still benefit from, refurbishing that which could be useful to a 2nd user, and recycling the remainder. E-waste or electronic waste refers to electronic devices and IT equipment that is no longer needed and considered broken, obsolete, note needed or rubbish.

From computers and laptops to printers and routers, we accept all types of electronic devices that have reached the end of their useful life.

As an environmentally conscious business, make sure your e-waste doesn’t enter landfills. Electronics contain hazardous components, such as lead, cadmium, beryllium, and mercury. If electrical items are improperly disposed of, parts of the devices could leak toxins and contaminate the soil or water. When you give your unwanted electronics to us, we refurbish or reuse devices that still have a residual value.

If the device or equipment is beyond repair, we recycle it in an eco-friendly manner. Our process involves dismantling the computers and other devices to safely extract metals and materials that can be reused in other products. Failure to safely dispose of your e-waste will cause harm to the environment but can also see fines imposed on your company if improperly dumped.

We provide customized e-waste recycling and waste disposal services to businesses, government agencies, schools, municipalities, other organizations and households as well. Our smart recycling solutions can turn useless devices into usable materials. Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact caused by improper disposal of e-waste and IT equipment. Recycling your equipment with us eliminates your compliance risks, as well as ensures data protection.

We make sure that your data is safely destroyed to maintain confidentiality. So, if your products have outlived their useful life, we can help you get rid of them. From transporting and data destruction to dismantling and recycling, we take care of each step to ensure the safe and hassle-free disposal of e-waste. Once your device is recycled, we also provide a certificate of destruction.

Acceptable Computer, Information Technology (IT), and Audio/Video (A/V) Equipment for Recycling & Disposal

Regardless of brand, age and physical or working condition, we accept:

  • Desktop, tower all-in-one and iMAC computers
  • Laptop & MacBook computers
  • Tablets & iPads
  • Hard drives (HDDs), CPUs, motherboards, cards, fans, heat sinks, optical drives, power supplies, power adapters
  • Phones & iPods
  • LCD, CRTm and LED monitors
  • TVs
  • Printers, copiers, photocopiers, 3D Printers, and multi-function devices
  • Toner cartridges
  • Servers
  • Routers, switches and access points
  • USB sticks and external drives
  • Keyboards, mice, speakers, cameras, headphones, joysticks and all other computer accessories and peripherals
  • Sound systems and stereos
  • Gaming consoles and associated peripherals and media
  • Sewing machines and Espresso makers
  • Projectors
  • Cables (ethernet, power, audio, data, etc)
  • VCRs, DVD players, tape/cassette players
  • Any components from the above


Accordion Sample DescriptionElectronic waste or e-waste refers to all electronic products that are no longer needed. When an electronic reaches the end of its “useful life”, it becomes waste and rendered useless. Whether it’s your computer, TV, printer, or any other electronic device, after a certain period all electrical devices become obsolete or get damaged/deteriorate and stop functioning. These items can be reused, refurbished, or recycled to prevent environmental damage.
Electronic waste such as computers or televisions need to be carefully disposed of. E-waste consists of electronics that are outdated, don’t function properly or are simply no longer useful to the owner. Dumping these electrical items in the trash can negatively impact the environment because electronics consist of several hazardous components. So, if you have an electronic device that you no longer need, send it to a proper e-waste recycling center. The devices that are in working condition can be reused or refurbished while those that are beyond repair can be recycled.
Depending on the jurisdiction electronic items and IT equipment with a circuit board are often not allowed to go into landfill, or at a minimum they are highly discouraged. Materials such as televisions, computers, batteries, and more are commonly found in waste streams and contain toxic elements. These toxic elements typically contain harmful substances such as lead and mercury that could contaminate soil and water. To prevent these toxic materials from harming the environment, e-waste need to be diverted from going into landfills.
Computation Ltd. offers safe and reliable Electronics Recycling and IT Equipment Waste Disposal Services in Toronto and GTA. We tailor our electronics recycling process to meet the needs of each client. Please connect with us and one of our representatives will collect the following information: -The address where the equipment is located, if pick-up required, or corporate contact information, if delivering -The volume and type of equipment -Any specific processing, data destruction, or certification requirements -Desired schedule Once we get all the needed details and you approve our proposed plan, you can schedule the delivery or pick-up date and time. Your e-waste is transported to our recycling facility for processing. Our recycling experts carefully sort items. We figure out which item needs to be audited, have data destroyed, dismantled, recycled, or refurbished. Once the process is complete, you will get a certificate or asset management report.
Households without any reporting requirements can typically deliver “trunkload” volumes to our Toronto facility free of charge, no appointment is needed. For larger volumes, big pieces, pick-ups, or data destruction requirements please contact us.
Electronic wastes consist of all consumer electronics, audio-video and IT equipment. Devices and household appliances such as computers, laptops, servers, SANs, cables, televisions, mobile phones, DVD players, cameras, printers, routers, monitors, blenders, coffee machines, gaming consoles, drones, ASIC miners, power tools, small e-mobility devices (scooters, unicycles, hoverboards) and more- all are e-wastes that needs to be recycled.
This is not good place for it to go, depending on levels of sorting and inspection where you live, the equipment may well end up in landfill. Or someone could get access to your data. Every jurisdiction has differing environmental policies and laws to safeguard the environment. In some areas, it’s illegal to dump e-waste, and companies or individuals violating the laws may face penalties.

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