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Computation Ltd. has been providing environmentally sensitive computer & e-waste recycling in tandem with secure electronic data destruction services since 2001.

Electronic equipment is constructed from precious materials and resources, including metals, plastics, and glass – but more than just this, a great deal of human ingenuity and effort goes into producing electronics, IT equipment and computing devices – so Computation applies its 3Rs model to each and every piece of equipment that enters our facilities. We prioritize reuse, and when reuse is not practical or permissible, all remaining materials are recycled – this is how we preserve value for our customers. A large amount of energy is required to mine and process the materials that go into manufacturing these devices, so when they cannot be reuse, it is essential that they are recycled. These precious materials include gold, copper, zinc and even palladium. Recycling electronics conserves our natural resources and helps to reduce air and water pollution. Recycling also helps to cut down greenhouse gas emissions that are by-products of mining and manufacturing virgin materials.

As a result, professional e-waste recycling is essential to help clients committed to complying with environmental and privacy-related regulations stay steps ahead.

Electronic Waste Recycling Services

Our facilities and logistics teams, located in several cities across Canada (Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Montreal), are equipped to receive or pick-up, and process deliveries ranging in size from a single device to full-truckloads from any locale. Ultimately, each recycling project is completed with the delivery of a project report or certificate (customizable to your requirements) generated through our asset management system.

For additional information on e-waste recycling, or to schedule service, contact Computation directly.

Asset Management & Reporting

Each organization differs in its waste profile and reporting & certification priorities. Lets us tailor our services to fit your environmental, privacy ad financial requirements.

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Pick-Up Service & Logistics

At Computation Ltd. we know that half the battle of properly disposing of your electronic waste, or having data destroyed, often lies in the logistics of moving the equipment.

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Data Destruction

At Computation Ltd. we have developed our secure data destruction and threat analysis services to eliminate the liability associated with data theft and loss.

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