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Professional IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Each organization differs in its reporting, and certification priorities and requirements. You may require documentation of your information technology asset disposition (ITAD) diversion efforts we can meet your needs. Whether you require reporting for an ISO 14001 EMS or other Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) policy requirement, evidence of your data destruction process to the satisfaction of privacy legislation and internal corporate privacy policies, or simply an asset management record which will facilitate writing down and removal of property from your books we can tailor our deliverable and reporting to meet your requirements. At Computation Ltd., as part of our full-service e-waste recycling offering, we have been providing customized reports and certificates since 2001. Proper reporting and certificates ensure a record documenting the proper management of client electronic waste, and the secure destruction of proprietary data. This documentation evidences the transfer of liability from your firm to Computation Ltd.

Depending on the internal processes and policies of your firm with respect to information technology asset disposition (ITAD), and whether you require the disposal of electronic waste, secure data destruction, or both, reports vary in terms of the data captured. We will customize this in consultation with you. Through a conversation with you, we determine the precise nature of the process applied to a consignment of equipment and electronic media.

We Issue Two Main Types of Reports:

  • Certificate of Recycling
  • Certificate of Data Destruction

Certificates can provide varying levels of detail in describing the IT asset disposition. The certificate can be limited to a basic summary count of the number and type of units received, and a description of the process applied to the materials received. It can go as far as providing an item-by-item identification of the equipment received (typically by reporting: make, model, product serial number, description, and/or in-house asset control tag), the process applied to each item, and the outcome of the process. We customize all report to provide the information which clients require. Feel free to contact Computation should you have any questions regarding IT Asset Disposition today.

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