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Laptop Screen Replacement for Windows and Apple Based Laptops

Laptop screen replacement has become one of our specialties at Computation. Unfortunately, it is an all too frequent occurrence that laptop screens cease to function, even though the laptop is otherwise in fine condition. The most common reasons for this are the screen being cracked or simply ceasing to work, without obvious physical damage, due to age or wear and tear. In other cases you may have too many dead pixels, bright/dim spots on your screen, lines, other kinds of streaking, flickering or a bad backlight. Not all of these issues necessarily require a laptop screen replacement and one of our technicians will diagnose and make the best recommendation for your case.  We work with all makes and models of laptops, such as Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Sony, Asus, and on iMacs as well!

Our typical turn around time on laptop screen replacement is 1-2 days, pending parts availability, and for PC laptops, the costs are generally in the vicinity of $175+tax. We are often able to source hard to find replacement screens using our large network of suppliers.  All screens are thoroughly tested by our suppliers and again by the installation technician. The replacement comes with a 90-day parts and labour, in the absence of physical damage. Contact Computation us for your free estimate today!

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