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Professional Web Design Canada

Whether you need a web page designed from scratch, or content maintained and updated on an existing website, Computation Ltd. can help. We will consult with you on your needs before, during, and after, to ensure that all your web design expectations are met.

Computation Professionals are Versed in:

  • Websites of all types, including news, blogs, e-commerce, and back-office automation
  • Graphic design and editing. Integration of existing brands and logos onto websites
  • Design of interactive, responsive, and mobile-ready websites with WordPress
  • Use of CSS stylesheets to ensure formatting consistency
  • Scripting and development languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Python and mySQL
  • Testing for different browser limitations and differences in code
    interpretation, resulting in uniform website delivery to all visitors
  • Conform to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards, keeping web code up to date for all current and future browsers

Application Development

web design canada

Computation specializes in the development of customized business and professional applications. We can provide development services in the areas of databases, webpages, data analysis, research portals, back-office automation scripts and a variety of project-specific scripting routines. We offer customized services and software for all your business needs. Whatever your project requirements, be they office automation, research and analysis, applications, business operations, or web design, please contact us for a consultation on an efficient solution for web design Canada.

Computation Professionals Specialize in:

  • Design of webpages, corporate intranets, etc.
  • Database design and analysis in MS Access, SQL, SPSS, and SAS.
  • Development of applications and scripts in various languages including Java, C, Python, HTML, XML, CSS, PHP, SQL, and VBA.
  • Transformation and translation of data files according to a number of statistical and other algorithms relevant to customer relationship management (CRM), transaction databases, market research, and number crunching of many varieties.
  • Office automation projects in Excel with heavy reliance on macros
  • Linux and Microsoft development platforms.

Business Computing

Computation’s Field Engineers and Project Managers provide fast and effective solutions for your business’ IT equipment maintenance and upgrade requirements.

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Personal Computing

Computation can help with the many problems commonly faced by home, and home office users – whether you use a Windows, MAC, or Linux based system.

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Cabling & Cameras

If you are expanding, moving or in need of repair or clean-up of your existing ethernet, camera, security, telephone, and VOIP cabling infrastucture we can help!

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