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Electronic waste is a rapidly growing concern in Canada as well as the high-tech world. Heavy metals and synthetic materials which do not break down safely are used to make most modern electronics. And while a lot of thought is typically given to functionality, features and price when purchasing new equipment, the need to plan a disposal process for these sophisticated electronics can sometimes come as a surprise. This is where Computation comes in.

At Computation Ltd., we take great pride in the waste diversion ratio we achieve in computer and secure electronics recycling in Canada. According to our custom-designed Environmental Management System (EMS), we have successfully reduced the electronic waste emitted from our facility to a level approximating that of a single-family home. 

We have been providing businesses, corporations and families with environmentally sensitive safe secure electronics disposal in Toronto and across Canada, in tandem with secure electronic data destruction services, since 2001. These services are essential in delivering a complete solution to clients committed to not only complying with environmental and privacy-related regulations and norms but also staying steps ahead. Our goal is to inspire everyone to recycle their obsolete TVs, computers, laptops, servers, copiers, routers, switches, printers, phones and other electronics rather than sending them to the landfills.

With Computation Ltd. as your national electronics recycling leader, you can be confident that your business or home electronics are completely wiped and are diverted from landfills due to our safe and secure practices. To learn more about our cross Canada electronic recycling servoces, give us a call today at (416) 629-5667.

Why Recycling Your Electronics Is Important

When most people think about recycling, they picture plastic bottles and aluminum cans. But what about electronics? Electronic waste, or e-waste, is one of the fastest-growing types of waste in the world. This is because most electronics contain materials that can be recycled, such as metals and plastics.

There are many reasons why it’s important to properly dispose of your electronics. For starters, recycling electronics keep harmful materials out of landfills and incinerators. It also helps conserve natural resources, such as copper and other metals, which are used in the manufacturing of electronics.

In addition, electronics removal helps create jobs and support the economy. For example, when you e-recycle your old iPhone, we will first remove the glass and plastic components. Then, we’ll take apart the internal parts to get at copper, silver, gold and other materials that can be recycled. All of this requires a great deal of manpower and equipment.

Finally, electronics waste solutions help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by conserving energy as well as reducing toxic waste sent to landfills. Recycling one million iPhones saves the same amount of energy as taking 500 cars off the road for a year!

So now that you know all about electronic waste, why not your old electronics?

Of course, if your electronics are still usable, it is best to donate or sell them so they can get a second life.

The Electronic Recycling Process in Toronto

  • Collect information on the volume and type of equipment for disposal, data destruction and reporting/certificate of e-waste requirements
  • Collect logistical information such as pick-up address or desire to deliver, and timing (urgent, deadline, not-pressing)
  • Provide your business, corporation, or home with an accurate quote
  • Once we receive approval for e-recycling, we assign staff and schedule a pick-up or delivery for your electronics
  • Complete any necessary onsite processes at your site such as inventory taking, and/or drive removal
  • Collect, pack and load electronics onto our truck
  • Deliver all electronics to our facility
  • Unpack and audit materials while sorting items into various processing categories, such as dismantling, shredding, recycling and refurbishing
  • Equipment received is tracked by our system, and a certificate or customized asset management report is issued upon processing completion

The electronic recycling process takes place locally in our facilities, and in neighbouring provinces in Canada. We dismantle and dispose of equipment unsuitable for reuse for its raw material content. Electronics that are considered good for reuse are tested using professional computer software programs. We optimize memory, processor speed and hard drive capacity to rebuild and repair computers and other electronics.

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How to get Started Recycling Your Electronics in Toronto

E-recycling is the process of disposing of electronic equipment by dismantling them into component parts and then sorting them for reuse, resale, or recycling. Electronic recyclers accept a wide range of electronics, including computers, phones, printers, copiers, scanners, fax machines, stereo systems, televisions, video players and game consoles.

The process begins by removing any plastic or metal casing from the electronic device. The recycler then separates the internal parts by type: plastics, metals, glass, and circuit boards. The sorted parts are then sold to companies that reuse them.

There are several benefits to recycling electronics. First, it helps reduce the amount of electronic waste that is sent to landfills. Recycling electronic devices also reduces the demand for raw materials to build new electronic devices, therefore reducing energy used and pollution caused by mining those needed materials. Many recyclers help refurbish old equipment, giving it a longer life span.

What Electronics We Accept for Recycling in Toronto

Computation provides the residents of Toronto with a way to recycle their electronic devices. The electronics recycling standard process begins with a visit to one of our locations, where residents can drop off any number of electronic devices for recycling. Some of the items that can be recycled with Computation include televisions, computer monitors, laptop computers, printers, scanners, fax machines and more.

Computation is a full-service company based out of Toronto, and we perform all necessary processes in-house. These services include data destruction, refurbishing efforts and extensive testing procedures to make sure the electronic devices we collect are taken care of properly. This way, when you bring your electronic items to Computation for recycling, you can be sure that the electronics will not end up in a landfill or otherwise cause harm to the environment.

Computation also takes advantage of our long-standing experience with information destruction and refurbishment efforts to provide secure recycling solutions and a safe way of wiping your electronic devices before recycling them. This ensures that any sensitive information stored on the device is completely removed, so you can be confident that personal information will not fall into the wrong hands after recycling the items with Computation.

Acceptable Types Of Devices, Computer Parts and Other Electronics for Recycling

Computer recycling is the process of disposing of electronics and computer parts in an environmentally friendly way. There are many types of acceptable devices for recycling.

The computer recycling process involves first disassembling and dismantling the device into basic components. These components are then sorted by type at a preparation center, such as metal, plastic or glass. The parts that can be used again are individually cleaned and reassembled into new devices. Scrap materials that cannot be reused such as plastics and metals will be shredded and melted down to be used in other manufacturing applications.

PCB boards and screens must be removed from all devices prior to recycling. Scrap PCB boards may be reused by reclaiming the copper and other precious metals on the board. This can be done through a process called “electro-refining”. Screens may be recycled by removing any plastic sheets or films and sending them off to a special facility. This will separate the glass from the plastic to be used in a new product.

Electronic devices and computer parts may also contain hazardous materials such as mercury, lead, arsenic and cadmium. The proper disposal of these materials must be taken into consideration when disposing of any electronic equipment or computer part. In order to prevent these hazardous materials from harming the environment or people, proper disposal procedures must be followed.

E-recycling typically includes any type of electronics device that can be reused for raw materials. Regardless of brand, age and physical or working condition, items for safe electronics recycling including:

  • Desktop, tower, portable, all-in-one and iMAC computers
  • Laptop computers
  • electronic recylingTablets & iPads
  • Hard drives (HDDs), Portable external drives, CPUs, motherboards, cards, fans, heat sinks, optical drives, power supplies, power adapters
  • Phones & iPods
  • LCD monitors
  • CRT monitors
  • TVs
  • Printers, copiers, photocopiers, 3D Printers, and multi-function devices
  • Toner cartridges
  • Servers
  • Routers, switches and access points
  • USB sticks and external drives
  • Keyboards, mice, speakers, cameras, headphones, joysticks and all other accessories and peripherals
  • Sound systems and stereos
  • Amplifiers, Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers and various Electronic Test and Repair equipment
  • Projectors
  • Gaming consoles, games and accessories
  • Drones, R/C vehicles, R/C controls and components
  • Power tools, corded and battery-powered
  • Cables (ethernet, power, audio, etc)
  • VCRs, DVD players, tape/cassette players
  • Any items from the above list


We Protect Your  Data Privacy 

The issue of securely destroying electronic data to maintain privacy is one that touches us all. As a result, depending on your preference, we either physically destroy your disks or carefully erase your personal and business’ confidential information such as name, address, phone number, and financial information before donating or recycling your desktop computers or laptops. Deleting files, formatting devices or restoring the operating system to factory settings is not sufficient to protect against theft. However, when you drop off your personal or business’ computers, our team uses secure data destruction to eliminate the liability associated with data theft and loss. 

Disposing of old electronic equipment has become more complicated than ever before. Recycling these items can be harmful to the environment, while disposing of them incorrectly may create legal liabilities for your company if sensitive information becomes accessible after its equipment is reused.

At Computation Ltd., we are aware that privacy is critical when you do business and we assure you that we take data privacy and security very seriously. We follow the industry’s best practices and specific procedures to ensure all types of information including your personal data is secure.


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Drop Off Your Electronics

If you have any old electrical components or electronics lying around your Toronto home, don’t throw them in the trash – bring them to one of our Toronto drop-off centres instead. Here we will recycle your electronics for you, and we will do it in a way that is environmentally friendly. So why not take advantage of this service? Drop off your electronics with us, it’s a great way to do your part for the environment!

Can You Pick Up My Unwanted Computer in Toronto?

Yes! In addition to accepting drop-offs at our Toronto location, we can also collect your old computing and electronic equipment for recycling. Our team has the proper material handling equipment to complete your e-waste pick-up in a timely manner. Contact Computation today to make pick-up arrangements anywhere in Canada. Pick-ups can be scheduled to take place at your location or you can drop off your items at our Toronto office.

In addition, we offer a complete hard drive destruction service that ensures all data stored on hard drives is completely destroyed from your computer before it leaves our facility. We can provide you with a free pick-up quote for your hard drives, laptops, cell phones and other items that may contain sensitive information.

Be sure to contact us at (416) 629-5667 today or send us a quick email to get more information on all of the e-waste processing services we offer.


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About Computation Ltd.

Computation is a full-service technical support provider. Our specialties include desktop and laptop support (Windows and Apple), server maintenance and configuration, recovery, SAN support, printer repair, LAN administration, wifi and VPN setup, ethernet cable and camera installation, Apple Macbook Services, e-recycling, data destruction, and IT asset management. We have been serving Canadian businesses, corporations, industries, families, small businesses and educational institutions from coast-to-coast since 2001.


Computation Ltd. provides professional recycling services to families and businesses in cities around Canada including Guelph, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto and Guelph.