Business Computer Recycling Burlington

Business Computer Recycling Burlington

During an office move or hardware refresh, you often want to replace and upgrade. New gadgets appear on the market every few weeks, with features and specifications that make them more powerful than the last. When it’s time to modernize your business’ electronics, do your part and call Computation Ltd. today for professional business computer recycling Burlington. Our team safely and securely recycles your old equipment and disposes of it properly.

With Computation Ltd. as your electronics recycling manager, you can be confident that your business’ electronic devices are data-free and are diverted from landfills. To learn more about business computer recycling in Burlington, give us a call today at (416) 629-5667.

Industries We Serve:

  • Manufacturing and Industrial
  • Commercial Businesses (Retail, Office and Property Management)
  • Healthcare
  • Venues
  • Restaurants and Grocery Stores
  • Government and Education Buildings
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers

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Computation Ltd.’s Business Computer Recycling Process

  • Collect information on the volume of electronics for disposal, data destruction and reporting or certificate of destruction requirements
  • Communicate pick-up or drop-off address and timing (urgent, deadline, not-pressing)
  • Provide your business, corporation, or home with an accurate quote
  • Once we receive approval for business computer recycling Burlington, we assign staff and schedule a pick-up or delivery
  • Complete any necessary onsite processes at your site, such as inventory taking, data destruction, and/or drive removal
  • Collect, pack and load materials onto our truck
  • Deliver all items to our electronics recycling facility
  • Unpack and audit materials while sorting items into various processing categories, such as data destruction, dismantling, shredding, recycling and refurbishing
  • Equipment received is tracked by our system, and a certificate of recycling or customized asset management report is issued upon processing completion

Our business computer recycling and refurbishing processes occur locally in our electronic recycling facilities and neighbouring provinces. We dismantle and recycle equipment unsuitable for reuse for its raw material content and test materials suitable for reuse using professional computer software programs. We optimize memory, processor speed and hard drive capacity to rebuild and repair computers.


Why Should I Recycle My Business’ Old Computers?

Electronics are filled with resources such as glass and plastic to gold, silver and aluminum. We reduce our e-waste footprint by extracting these materials for future use in other manufactured products such as electronics. However, while they contain recyclable materials, electronics also have toxic materials the must be disposed of properly, such as lead and mercury. Without proper recycling and disposal methods, these hazardous materials can find their way into water sources and contaminate the air and soil.

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How Can I Ensure my Data is Secure?

Today, important business and client information is stored on our devices, available with just the click of a button. As a result, the process of securely destroying electronic data has never been more critical, especially when employing business computer recycling services in Burlington. At Computation Ltd., we either physically destroy your disks or carefully erase your business’ confidential information before reusing or recycling your items to ensure the destruction of your data.



About Computation Ltd.

Computation is a full-service technical support provider. Our specialties include desktop and laptop support (Windows and Apple), server maintenance and configurationdata recovery, SAN support, printer repair, LAN administration, wifi and VPN setup, ethernet cable and camera installation, business computer recycling Burlington, data destruction, and IT asset management. We have been serving Canadian businesses, corporations, industries, families, small businesses and educational institutions in Canada from coast to coast since 2001.

At Computation Ltd., our goal is to inspire businesses across the country to recycle obsolete TVs, computers, laptops, servers, copiers, routers, switches, printers, phones and other electronics rather than sending them to landfills.


Computation Ltd. provides professional business computer recycling services to businesses in cities around Canada including Scarborough, North York, Etobicoke, Vaughan, Guelph and Oshawa