Windows 11 Pro Operating System OEM Software

Windows 11 Pro Operating System OEM Software

$99.99 HST

Microsoft Windows 11 Pro Operating System (OEM)


Includes one Windows 11 Pro OEM Digital License. We also offer Windows installation and configuration packages starting at $75+HST. Windows 10 also available.

Windows 11 Pro has easy-to-use tools that can help you optimize your screen space and maximize your productivity. Play the latest games with graphics that compete with reality. Play with players on the console. Play with the peripherals you love. When it comes to playing your way, Windows 11 makes it happen.

Windows 11 Pro now has intuitive navigation features, easy organization and faster performance. There are also some new features for productivity and creativity such as Copilot and Snap Assist. You can also create desktop groups and sync your phone with your desktop. Microsoft Teams is also now integral to Windows 11, along with some new desktop widget features, powered by AI.

OEM: The product key is bound to the motherboard it is installed on and thus cannot be moved to other computers.

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