A Quick Guide on Android Data Loss and its Recovery

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The android operating system is the most widely used, yet the most vulnerable one. Data loss on these devices is too common and hackers have mastered their practice of breaking into android systems snatching away any sensitive information that you have exchanged.

Of course, that feels terrible. Losing on your professional data or any personal memories that you saved in the form of pictures, videos, or documents feels like you lost a part of yourself. Even if it is just your Whatsapp messages, with the loss of any stored data, the device seems useless.

But, did you ever pause for a while and thought about the causes that led so? Well, if the answer is a ‘No’, then there is no point in going into a state of despair – it is time for some action and find the actual cause to aid the data recovery professionals.

So, without delay, let us get into the reasons behind your android data loss and ways to prevent them from happening in the future.

Human Error

This has to be the most common cause of losing your favorite music files, photos, and videos. Phone users often accidentally delete important data while trying to remove the not-so-required one. The loss gets to a larger scale with ‘delete all’ option that causes the complete data to erase. And, that seriously hurts more than the sting of the bee. A smart way to avoid that is to add one more step to the sequence that leads to final deletion. Add something like inputting a password for sensitive files to help you resist and think again.


Having your phone picked up in crowded places like airports, grocery stores, or subways can cause you more loss than just the cost of the device. The data stored in it is lost permanently with no chance of its retrieval unless you had its backup. Thus, make sure your phone is never left unattended. Also, develop a habit of saving your files on cloud so that you don’t lose control of the data even if you no more have the physical access to your device.

Physical Trauma

Overheating, water spills, or accidentally dropping your android device on the ground is extremely harmful to the data within in it. The files may get corrupt and even fail to open properly. It is a nightmare if the phone is broken beyond repair and you probably have to say goodbye to your precious data. So, don’t mishandle your android device.


Virus attacks, improper insertions or ejections of memory card, factory reset, and not upgrading your android OS are some more culprits causing your data loss. But, not all Android users are seen taking the desired precautions. Backing up and antivirus installation is ignored and awareness is not maintained. Fortunately, there are plenty of IT experts available to help you retrieve the lost data.